Editor's Letter

32M’ is an exclusive zine for you, the Martin Margiela aficionado - whether a longterm collector of his, or simply one dreaming of owning cloven-toed tabis. ‘32M’ is a deeply personal manifestation for those fascinated by Margiela in their own way.

'32M' explores the first five years of Maison Martin Margiela. From SS 1988 to AW 1993, the first 10 seasons of the namesake label catapulted Margiela, along with the Antwerp Six, into the vanguard. This publication serves as an emblem of the Maison in its infancy, anticipating fever-fuelled dreams for the future.


The narrative surrounding Margiela and the Maison has been relentlessly told and retold to mythical proportions. Staunchly committed to his privacy, Margiela refused interviews, photographs and public appearances in an eager attempt to remain anonymous. Despite this, within the public eye the ambiguous persona of Margiela has gained somewhat of a star status. Unveiling the mystery behind such an elusive character was never going to be an easy feat. Through interviews with both committed and brief collaborators, detailed accounts from filmmakers, collectors, curators, auctioneers and musicians '32M's dialogue rings true to reality. In this way, ‘32M’ exists as a physical reunion - between the participators who knew Margiela both professionally and personally.


The concept, "the past is what bonds us, the future leads us” runs a thread throughout the zine, tying the history of the house within the first five years together with the present day. This timeless narrative takes into consideration Margiela’s influence and relevance in contemporary culture. The upcoming exhibits at Fondation Galeries Lafayette Paris , The Shophouse Hong Kong and Margiela’s recent feature in the Hair edition of Fantastic Man Magazine, foreground the prevalence and pertinence of Martin Margiela in popular culture.

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