Solace in Science

Film by Poppy Jasmine Hawkes

and Lily Chang

Neil Chikono and Faye Matloub are the second-year Central Saint Martins Fine Art students who are turning science into art with their ongoing project The Auricle. Poppy Jasmine Hawkes speaks to the 'bioartists' about their practice and how technology can be used to enhance the body.

The Show Must Go On 

With every student’s work-life - along with much of this year - in what feels like utter turmoil, Aswan Magumbe explores how some of the Central Saint Martins BA (Hons) Performance: Design and Practice students are tackling a situation that’s restricting them from doing just that – performing. Mallika Joy and Lydia Hardcastle kindly share with us their work and experience on the course so far.