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Editor's Letter

The editorial team welcome you to The Freedom Issue, as we hurtle into a New Year that looks anything but free. Are you listening?


Pia Brynteson looks at Philip Green and the collapse of Arcadia group; Topshop, once a main sponsor for London Fashion Week and NewGen, is no more. 


Amidst the ruins, however, the spirit’s up. Joe Bromley travels to Forest Gate, to speak with Nasir Mazhar, whose Fantastic Toiles is home to 50 young designers, like Sarah McCormack who graduated from MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins. It’ll be one more to follow in the footsteps of Lee Alexander McQueen, who joined the course 30 years ago this month. 


We pay tribute to this champion of Freedom in fashion throughout the issue. Oliver Day speaks with master jeweller Shaun Leane about the life and legacy of his best friend, whilst Ella Slater examines her own relationship with McQueen’s portrayals of women.


As the college term comes to a close, many students are driving home for Christmas. A man undercover, Ethan O’ Connor is torn apart over his estrangement from the city, and how he dons his ‘straight armour’ to combat Mancunian homophobia.


The battle for Freedom extends abroad; Nini Barbakadze returns to Tbilisi, and discusses the bleakness of her life as a young Georgian; an ode to the days of people dancing all night long. For some, it clearly isn’t the most wonderful time of the year. 


Free, or indeed, as unfree as we have found ourselves, enjoy the range of new writing, films and podcasts by BA Fashion Journalists. And look to the future now. It's only just begun.


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