Royal Navy looks at the Norwegian VANGUARD solution for MHC mothership 17/07/2024 | Gabriele Molinelli A study will look at the suitability of Kongsberg’s VANGUARD system, on an adapted civilian hull.
What’s next for FOXHOUND 17/07/2024 | Gabriele Molinelli The 4x4 delivers extremely high protection for its size and has potential well beyond the MRAP role of the COIN era
Italy invests over 7 billion for its new Eurofighter Typhoons and prepares for GCAP 16/07/2024 | Pietro Batacchi The Italian Defence Ministry has sent Parliament the draft decree for the acquisition by the Air Force of 24 new Eurofighter TYPHOON fighters. The document envisages an investment of €7.4 billion.
Europe-Russia: Euromissiles are back 12/07/2024 | Pietro Batacchi During the NATO Summit in Washington the Governments of the United States and Germany issued a joint statement announcing the US decision to deploy new missile systems in Germany from 2026 on.
The new ZORAWAR light tank for the Indian Army 11/07/2024 | CAROLINA PAIZS The prototype of the new ZORAWAR light tank, produced by L&T in cooperation with the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), was unveiled at the Hazira plant (in the state of Gujarat, India).
Smarter Technologies Group Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with KPMG 11/07/2024 | Chamois Consulting Smarter Technologies Group (STG) and KPMG UK (“KPMG”) have signed a strategic alliance agreement that will enable clients to uncover new business opportunities through one of the leading asset tracking and condition monitoring technologies on the market.
Miecznik programme: some insights from R&S 11/07/2024 | Marco Giulio Barone Thanks to a brief conversation with Dennis-Peter Merklinghaus, Senior PR Manager at R&S, FW-Mag had the opportunity to get some additional insight into the reasons behind the success of the RCESM in Poland.
AIM-174B: the air-to-air SM-6 is officially operational 11/07/2024 | Gabriele Molinelli The AIM-174B iss the longest-range AAM the US Navy has ever had. A spiritual successor to the AIM-54 PHOENIX, and something more.
Northrop Grumman Builds Next-Generation Hybrid Electric Uncrewed X-Plane for DARPA 10/07/2024 | Northrop Grumman Newsroom The Series Hybrid Electric Propulsion AiRcraft Demonstration program, known as SHEPARD, has received its official X-plane designation: XRQ-73.
Washington Summit: NATO, 75 years later 10/07/2024 | CAROLINA PAIZS Yesterday, 9 July, works formally began on the NATO 2024 Summit, which is being held in Washington D.C. until Thursday. At a press conference held a few days ago, the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, made some statements on the highlights of the agenda.