ELT Group Expands its Footprint in Germany and in… Space 07/06/2024 | Marco Giulio Barone

ELT Group has participated in ILA Berlin as a world-class leader in Electronic Defence Systems. Indeed, the Group has implemented an innovative multi-domain approach that expand its range of products and operations to covers cyber, biodefense and space domain. ILA is providing ELT Group with an ideal showcase for its first payload for ELectronic INTelligence (ELINT) activities, flying today in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and dedicated to the collection of test data. During the exhibition, the Group is exploring opportunities and collaborations in the space domain, in the wake of pioneer project that has ELINT payload Scorpio at its core. Once the experimental phase will be concluded, Scorpio can represent the first prototype of affordable SIGINT constellations (each echelon of which would include three SIGINT micro-satellites and one EO satellite) that can guarantee a revisiting time of 30 minutes. By the experience gained through participation in major European Defence programs including Eurofighter Typhoon, NH-90 NFH, FREMM, PPA, today ELT Group has Customers in more than 30 countries in the World, with more than 3,000 systems supplied. As far as presence in Germany is concerned, the political framework created by the Italo-German Action Plan is a further incentive for ELT Group to consolidating partnerships at both bilateral level and under the umbrella of European defence initiatives. In effect, ELT Group is deeply rooted in Germany thanks to its 46 years old local branch, with development and production facilities in Meckenheim and a representative office in Berlin. Thanks to such a consolidated footprint, the Group positioned itself as a supplier of Integrated Electronic Defence Systems for the German government for the most significant defence programs such Tornado, KWS-RMB, KWS-Hornisse, Typhoon and NH-90. Furthermore, it will enhance its commitment to German principal programmes thanks to the conception of country-specific solutions for naval programs. Furthermore, ELT Group provides local operational and technical logistical support for its systems as well as distinguished engineering capabilities for the development of Radar/EW test & evaluation solutions, such as the WTD71 EW-Simulator, including the recent innovation of EW Digital Twin environments. The German branch clearly spells out its ambition to participate, amongst other, in: 1)Eurofighter DASS obsolescence management, as co-design authority of the Eurofighter DASS self-protection system. Through know-how transfer, ELT Group is ambitiously committed to securing the future of the Eurofighter DASS by eliminating obsolescence, so to maintain and improve the Typhoon’s readiness and significance on the battlefield. 2)Technical support and TAT time reduction for the Eurofighter. The Group pledges significant efforts to optimize its technical support to Eurofighter Typhoons and to reduce turn-around times (TAT) in order to increase the aircraft’s operational capability as well as to offer the best possible service to customers. 3) Role in the FCAS programme and establishment in the Digital Twin, with the ambition to contribute to the success of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme thanks to the Group’s sound expertise within the field of digital twins. 4) Participation in the LuWes programme (Airborne Effects in the Electromagnetic Spectrum) as part of expanding commitment to supporting the German Air Force. 5) Participation in future ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) solutions to strengthen and improve the impact of FCAS and other programmes on future battlefields.

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