The new BRADLEY M2A4E1 with the IRON FIST APS enters into service 17/05/2024 | Gabriele Molinelli

Earlier this month, the US Army unveiled the latest and best performing variant of the BRADLEY IFV, the M2A4E1. This latest development features a number of new mechanical and electronic improvements as well as the first full integration of the IRON FIST Light Decoupled Active Protection System, co-developed by General Dynamics and Elbit. Almost simultaneously, Elbit announced that it had received a $37 million contract to deliver IRON FIST systems for A4E1 production over the next 24 months. The US Army has been working on the integration of IRON FIST on BRADLEY since 2016, but has encountered significant difficulties during testing, both due to difficulties in adequately deploying sensors to ensure good APS effectiveness and limitations of power available on board the IFV. Early tests had shown 50% effectiveness, which was deemed too low. The development of a lightened and 'decomposable' version of the IRON FIST (Light Decoupled) made it possible to improve the distribution of the sensors and bring the effectiveness to 70% during the 2022 tests.

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