Aeronautics Launches the Hybrid Octoper™ Multi-Rotor UAS 17/06/2024 | Hypertech Marketing

Eurosatory, June 17-21, Hall 6, booth E380


May 29, 2024,- Aeronautics Ltd. - a world leader in design and production of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for the global defense and HLS markets, proudly announces the launch of a new member of the multi-rotor family: the Hybrid Octoper™, a tactical multi-rotor UAS with a hybrid propulsion system. Setting a new standard in tactical UAS capabilities, the Hybrid Octoper™ incorporates significantly extended mission endurance of up to four hours, with multi-payload capability. Surpassing conventional limitations of electric UAVs, the Hybrid Octoper™ enables significantly longer flight durations, reducing the need for frequent battery and UAV replacements while maintaining critical persistent surveillance during complex missions. By integrating fuel combustion and electric sources of power, the Hybrid Octoper extends operational capabilities through optimized energy usage and cost-effectiveness. The Hybrid Octoper™, a multi-role tactical drone, with its military-oriented design, enables high survivability, seamless integration with diverse sensors and payloads, , radar systems and more. Operating from customer's C4I ability, it supports autonomous landing, GNSS-denied navigation, and encrypted communication. The advanced video processing and analytics enhances situational awareness, while the various payload options ensure mission versatility. The hybrid propulsion incorporates a generator as the main energy source, providing significant mission endurance enhancement. It also features a backup battery for 10 minutes of stealth flight backup, with in-flight engine on/off capability and 4000 watts of continuous power.

Dan Slasky, President & CEO of Aeronautics, emphasized, "As part of our strategy to provide cutting edge solutions for the tactical domain, the Hybrid Octoper marks a significant leap in the heavy multi-rotor UAV product space., With its extended hovering capability, enhanced situational awareness, and seamless integration of diverse payloads, enables maximum mission versatility and flexibility."


About the Aeronautics Group

Established in 1997, Aeronautics is a world leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for the global defense & HLS markets. Backed by continuous research and development and with proven performance and operability, Aeronautics’ broad product portfolio includes the expertise of its subsidiaries and offers solutions for a wide range of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions that lead the segment with innovative systems for the modern battlefield.


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