Teledyne FLIR OEM Solutions powers its cameras with AI and ML functions 26/06/2024 | Marco Giulio Barone

Teledyne FLIR offers a diverse range of OEM cameras and components designed for various applications, and including the Boson+, Neutrino, and new Hadron 640 series.

As far as defence applications are concerned, Teledyne FLIR solutions are designed for applications requiring stringent size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints, yet offering advanced image processing capabilities. Their integrated design ensures optimal performance and reliability, making it suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), perimeter surveillance, situational awareness, and military targeting systems. Most of them are ITAR-free, too.

At EuroSatory, Teledyne FLIR put its AI-enabled security cameras under the spotlight. Cameras and AI functions can be combined, such as the Prism Development Kit for Qualcomm RB5 showcased at the exhibition. It includes the new Hadron 640R+ equipped with a Boson+ radiometric thermal camera with 640x512 resolution, capable of measuring the temperature of every pixel in the scene. This enables detailed thermal analysis, which is not possible with non-radiometric thermal cameras. The Hadron 640R+ also includes a high-resolution 64 MP visible camera that offers high-quality imaging for applications requiring precise visual recognition and advanced image processing capabilities, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Additionally, reference hardware and software drivers that can be rapidly integrated with platforms from NVIDIA. This helps integrators start imaging and controlling the cameras quickly, saving development time and costs using Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640, Boson+ and Neutrino camera families. When it comes to practical applications, the choice of the sensor is never function of performance only.

As Teledyne FLIR’s Product Management Director explained, “The choice of the right sensor is always a trade-off for the mission objective. Operators want the resolution and accuracy to get the job done.” He added “However, reliability is something that you can never put into question. Our cameras are best sellers because, in addition to adapting to the requirements, we can guarantee reliable products for virtually any need, from interior space surveillance to UAVs, to vehicular applications.”

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