The Italian Air Force orders a new batch of 24 new Eurofighter Typhoon 05/07/2024 | Pietro Batacchi

On July 4, the Draft Ministerial Decree approving the programme (Government Act No. 176) for the acquisition of 24 new Eurofighter TYPHOONs for the Italian Air Force was transmitted to the Defence Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (lower house).

Further details are not yet available. Presumably, the aircraft will gradually replace the TYPHOON Tranche 1 in service. They should come in the the NG (Next Generation) standard, characterised mainly by a new LAD (Large Area Display), a new-generation mission computer, high-performance AESA CAPTOR-E Mk2 radar, a renewed electronic self-protection suite and the ability to control/manage so-called gregarious drones.

Beyond the configuration of the aircraft, this is a strategically important order that allows the Italian Air Force to enhance its capabilities, to act as a bridge to GCAP (Global Combat Air Programme) and to maintain adequate production volumes for Leonardo Velivoli's Caselle final assembly line.

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