A Complete Panoply of Offensive and Defensive Weapons 06/06/2024 | Marco Giulio Barone

At ILA 2024, MBDA Deutschland has showcased a diverse array of advanced missile capabilities. In the surface-to-surface segment, MBDA presents its Joint Fire Support Missile (JFS-M) programme for a multi-domain long-range missile, with a quadruple launcher mounted on an Iveco 8X8 HMMT. The base requirement came from German artillery in 2012 (project BatCat) for a long-range missile compatible with MLRS launchers. The project has evolved at slow pace, and today has speeded up once more under the impulse of new interest into long-range weapons. Today’s airframe is in composite materials and responds to stringent low-visibility criteria. The most recent design envisages a strike missile suitable for all military domains. In its base artillery version, it has a 300km range and can be carried in four examples on a tracked MLRS-E vehicle or as showcased, on a 8x8 HMMT. Air launched and naval launched variants are envisaged, too. All versions will be given teaming and reach back capability. In addition to the role of long-range effector, the JFS-M is designed to serve as decoy/stand-in jammer and light remote carrier. In the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) segment, the most novel system is the Small Anti-Drone Missile. Directly derived from the Enforcer, the new missile is thought to counter swarms of Class 1 drones (600kg) UAVs.

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